Ten Commandments for Ethical Behavior for Our Political Elites


Moses, kin to Notaloon

Just as Jesus gave the Ten Commandments to the people of Egypt because of their corrupt and depraved ways, we the taxpayers give to you,  our Political Elites Ten Commandments for Ethical Behavior.  You simply have lost your way.  You show no remorse for your uncivilized behavior, you abuse your power, and you do not put our interest above all others.  Hence, we are articulating clearly what will be acceptable behavior commencing forthwith and forever.

We do not expect you will adopt this behavior easily and we realize there will be a period of adjustment, which by necessity cannot be prolonged in the same manner to which you have become so accustom to working.  (You disagree, don’t you Mr. McConnell?)

Were you not to adjust yourself accordingly, you will be retired, sent to pasture, or put on an immigrant dinghy and sent to Germany for punishment and complete and permanent expulsion.

Got it?  Good.  You have been forewarned.

Consider these your divine positive laws.


Ten Commandments for Ethical Behavior for Our Political Elites 

#1. Thou shalt not put other interest above ours, EVER.

We are the bread-winning taxpayers and have taken you out of typical employment and given you the opportunity to serve for the good of us and your country.  We earn the dough and you are on our payroll.  Pay attention to us and not to CAIR, Merkel, Soros, the European Union, the climate change and environmental enthusiasts, CEOs, BLM or should I say Living Black Haters, any lobbying group, or the almighty dollar, et.al.

Got it?    This is non-negotiable.

#2. Thou shalt not confuse our stated interests with any other interests.

You were retained to do a job.  We elected a platform.  Stick to it.  Do not argue.  Do not assume you know better.  Do not do anything stupid like obstruct.

Pastures sometimes turn to a barren deserts. Al Gore will confirm.

#3. Thou shalt keep your spirit holy every minute of every day.

Antifa, BLM, Islamic terrorists, murder, bribery, payola, collusion, sedition, lies, and treason do not ever fall into the category of holy or good.  Be on the right side of history.  You have not only your replacement to fear, but also the Lord who saw fit to let your sorry ass breath fresh air in the best country on the planet Earth.  He saw fit to let you attempt to redeem yourself.

This may be your last shot before you are shipped, I mean dinghy-ed, to the war zone that is the European Union.

Looking kinda rough for an elite, don’t you think?


#4. Thou shalt honor those who are your superior.

Yes, Political Elites, you do have superiors.

For one, we bread-winning and blood paying taxpayers, for you are simply the blood suckers, otherwise known as leeches.

For two, the President of the United States of America.

Guess what? We didn’t elect you to the position of President of the United States.  For the life of me, I don’t think you know what your job is.  It is not to obstruct, name call, get rich, build a taxpayer funded wall around your house, hobnob with the rich and famous, or head to the Congressional gym with Schumer every morning.  Shut up and show some respect.  ALWAYS.  Work with the President to accomplish the PLATFORM that WON.

Yes.  Trump WON.  You didn’t.  And you can’t handle it.  You are a sorry excuse for a professional, democrat and republican alike.

Make penance and reform your unacceptable ways.

#5. Thou shalt not kill.

Seriously?  Do you really need elaboration?

Here is a word of wisdom on this subject:  Do not seek counsel on this Commandment from the Clintons, the DNC, Podesta, or the Antifa.

#6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Do not commit adultery especially with 22 year old impressionable interns whose lives you likely will scar forever.

Do not deny paternity when you obviously know the truth.  Do not make your concubine disappear never to be seen alive again.  Do not drive off a bridge, leave a sweet young thing to drown in an upside down submerged vehicle and not report it to the authorities for ten hours.   Do not seek pricey prostitute services to the tune of $80K from VIP escort clubs.   (What a waste of taxpayer dollars!  Getting off is not one of your benefit programs.  Or is it?)   Do not impregnate the house keeper and raise two complete families in secret yet in the same homestead. (WOW.  That took brass ones.) Do not rape anyone and claim the moral high ground by indignant denial. Do not disappear for days on end with your mistress and leave your elected position vacant, especially while you and your staff continue to receive uninterrupted funds from your now aptly renamed ‘entitlement program.’  (Whoever said ‘cheaters never prosper’ must have been speaking figuratively.) Do not disappear ostensibly to the Appalachians and come back days overdue with multiple hickeys and a speedo tan. (Okay that one is a slight stretch.)  And for God’s sake, do not tweet pictures of your junk to anyone.

Unless you are slick Willy (a literal and figurative descriptor), do not expect your wife to stand by you for you are truly a skank and an horrendous role model for the youth of our nation, but alas, you all have ruined the youth already with what you have allowed to happen to the educational system, the opioid situation, the immigration system, public bathrooms, gender confusion, and lawlessness on our streets….to name merely a few.

Please feel free to take it personally if you think you are being blamed for too much.  We don’t mind.  You apparently have no conscience, and we also know you have no positive feelings for us, the taxpayers, your gravy train.    We know your heart bleeds for those who run into trouble because they don’t understand our legal system or don’t understand our social mores or just want, I mean need, our free entitlements.

Are you ready to ban me from social media yet?  Suckerberg on your speed-dial?

#7. Thou shalt not steal.

That sentence is only 4 small words, but it is a mouthful.   Do not STEAL.  Simply because you can pass laws that legitimize taxes, doesn’t mean the funds aren’t being stolen.  Funds allocated to study why primates prefer heavy metal music, and the effect of drunkenness on the songs of the zebra finch are synonymous with robbing the taxpayers’ coffers. Here is another one we taxpayers resent on where bee stinks hurt human anatomy the most: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LENjAv1R-C8&index=1&list=PLO4OiFWJQI4ybyRyBf4M9VUPASJO_deRa

We taxpayers have become monetary slaves to your shenanigans.  But guess what?  We are “WOKE!”

This lack of ethical fiduciary responsibility is enormously hypocritical. Have you any idea what consequences you impose upon a broker who irresponsibly invests a client’s money in a useless venture?  How do you escape comparable consequences?

Let me add a sub-commandment here:  Thou shalt not be hypocritical.

While all these add up to abuse of taxpayers, the most egregious have yet to be mentioned.  For instance, employing a criminal Pakistani spy family on the taxpayers’ $4MM dime should render you unemployable for both your natural lifetime and your hereafter inferno.  (Please note that I do not delude myself into thinking that justice will be served on the planet Earth via intentional and aggressive action of the Political Elites).

And let’s just say thou shalt not harbor fugitives in sanctuary cities or anywhere else including our prisons and expect to receive taxpayer dollars.  We should also not be forced to pay for their extradition as they should not be given entry in the first place.  If these illegals are being harbored here because of your complacency, ineptitude, or lack of respect for the laws of this nation, the cost to escort these ILLEGALS out should hit your hefty bank account or at a minimum, your errors and omission insurance.  OOPS?  You don’t need errors and omission insurance?  We can fix that. And the more claims you have the higher your premium will go, not to mention possible jail time, which will render you uninsurable and unelectable, in the majority of places in the U.S., for now anyway, except perhaps for Chicago and the District of Columbia.

Do you prefer a slow dinghy from New York to Europe loaded with non-English speaking immigrants up nice and close (the ultimate organic oceanic deluxe unisex bathroom included providing you don’t mind a plank)? Or a seat in Elon Musk’s first ever rocket, launched in search of hostile alien species?  Pick your poison, please.  We leave the choice to you.

Looks like plan B. No room for the plank in that dinghy.

Make penance and amend your evil ways.

#8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

You DO know what we are referring to here.  Yes.  You do.

Here’s the skinny. Don’t lie about someone and don’t call your political opponents and their supporters by false hateful names. And by all means, don’t talk assassination garbage or trump up impeachment charges because you don’t like Trump.  You lost.  He won.  Grow up.

Here is another way to put it:  Thou shalt not act like a child.

Calling someone a racist, misogynist, Islamophobe, Nazi, homophobe, bigot, white supremacist, white nationalist does nothing to foster cooperation for taxpayers’ preferred and selected platform.   Calling people names does nothing for the benefit of the USA.

We understand your strategy is to avoid rational dialogue by being a bully.   Every breathing American, even the dead ones in the voting booths, should be infuriated at your obstructionism.  We see it as your never ending need to self-sooth your vanity.

Spewing and repeating lies does not make them true. It actually makes you look foolish and dumb.  And when you start shouting it or ranting nonsensically (think Pelosi and Waters) it makes you look foolish, dumb and crazy.   Doctors medicate people like you.  Ask Hillary.

What happened to ‘they go low, we go high?’  You, my dear hate-filled fool, are living low.

You may simply be doomed.

#9. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

Another way to word this is thou shalt not take what you do not give.   If you give Obamacare to the masses, you must take Obamacare lock, stock, and barrel for you and your family.  PERIOD.

Instead, however, you give yourself the gold plan and a 72% subsidy for your premiums? You have required the individual to purchase coverage and you have also required us to pay for nearly three quarters of your gold coverage.  Are you serious? Are you mad?  I do believe that in your income level, no subsidies would be allowed for the common folk.  Not to mention the free health care you have access to.  Free for you and yours, that is.

You have been given a privilege to serve this country and its citizens, and you have abused it.  This is corrupt and unethical.

Did your mother raise you this way?  Your children should not even be entrusted to you.  Have you no shame?

(As an aside, please note that you were not given this privilege to serve the global agenda or to serve illegals in this country.  Your self-appointment to this role further supports patriots’ position that you are corrupt and self-serving.)

Make penance and amend your ways.  Your time is drawing near.

#10. Thou shalt not aggrandize perversions or attempt to normalize them in our society.

Pedophilia, child brides, and child abuse are perversions. Indoctrination of children in the name of education is perversion.  Desensitizing children to blood and violence is a perversion.  Killing gays by any method including by throwing them from building tops is a perversion.  Spontaneous stoning for perceived un-Islamic behavior is a perversion. Beheadings of Christians and any human is a perversion. Slavery is a perversion. Shooting people in theaters and nightclubs is a perversion. The chopping off of hands and honor killings are perversions.   Driving vehicles into crowds is a perversion.  Beating people with whom you disagree is perversion.  Destroying artifacts, statues and monuments in the name of an ideology or in the name of peace or in the name of equality is fascist and a perversion.   Writing, publishing, broadcasting, endorsing and spreading false journalism especially to attain a desired end is a perversion.  No-go zones are a perversion.  Food police, thought police, dress police, Sharia police, and pandemic rape societies are all perversions. Halal is a perversion. The suppression and subjugation of females and FGM are perversions. Any form of censorship is a perversion.  Silencing free speech is a perversion. Funding or endorsing any of the above is a perversion.

These and others atrocities will not be tolerated in our civilized and free society.  Any attempt to do so is deplored by patriots and totally unacceptable.

A tolerance and diversity argument is antithetical.

This, too, is non-negotiable.

Confess, make penance, and amend your ways.  Your time is drawing near.

Dear Political Elites,  you will be held accountable in the voting booth.  We are fully cognizant that you may attempt to retain your position by unethical and illegal means.

However, it is our sincere hope that these Commandments somehow reinvigorate a conscience in you that was once omnipresent in our culture.  We wish you the best in our quest to eradicate wrong and attain honorable accomplishments together.  Follow the above and you will be well on your way to positive change.

But make no mistake.  The sleeping giant is asleep no more.  We are “WOKE.”

You have your Ten Commandments.  You have been forewarned.

Make penance and amend your ways before it is too late.  Your time is drawing near.

The Ten Commandments were delivered to you by Notaloon, whose non-biological ancestor was Moses.


All rights reserved.  Copyright 2017.