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Immigration and Sharia

When you want some idea of what is happening in England, sometimes you don’t need to read more than two articles, the two I reference here for instance, and maybe a little video thrown in for good measure.

The British government is conducting a review of sharia law that will be “completed” in 2017:    “Government Launches Independent Review into Sharia as Part of Counter-Extremism Strategy.”   Juxtapose this which is the first article below with the second article that announces the newly proposed ‘legislated’ student loans designed specifically to conform to  sharia law.

On the one hand, I have an allergy to chocolate.  It is life threatening.  On the other hand, my delicious pancakes this morning had a few Toll house chips. Can somebody please get me to the emergency room?  STAT.

Exactly who gets to choose the acceptable parts of sharia? How many positions on that task force are allotted to the Islamic extremists?  How do you know they are or are not extreme?

Can a girl marry when she is 16?  How about 14?  10?  How about an involuntary marriage?  I don’t mean the male is being forced to marry against his will, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

What about dousing a wife with gasoline and lighting a match?  We won’t accept that.   NO.  Of course not.  But a little switching with a stick, a switching stick, a twig in fact, well I don’t feel so badly about that one in comparison, do I?  Google ‘instruction video on how to properly beat your wife.’  Watch.  Listen. Read.

How about daddy taking out his beautiful daughter in the name of honor?   We won’t allow sharia to go that far, right?   (Sidebar on the ”goings on” in the U.S.: “Information about honor violence is held tightly within families. Victims or potential victims may not report victimization because of concern about an extremely negative family response. Moreover, victims may not report information because in their home cultures what has happened is not viewed as a crime.” Source:  Report on Exploratory Study into Honor Violence Measurement Methods. May 2015.)

DUH. Of course, it is true that stealing is thwarted with the chopping off of hands, but we choose more civilized means of behavior modification, don’t we?  Let’s just take one finger.  Just one.  It will help with our crime statistics, and keep the Muslims happy.

MAJOR LOON ALERT:  National Dissociative Identity Disorder flourishes.



There will no doubt be considerable resistance to the following proposal, yet the article itself makes no prediction.


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