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We need sanity.  We need logical conservative thought and corresponding implementation.  The leftists, the deceivers, the liars, the errant are in the process of destroying our valiant legacy and our existence as we know it.  They are turning our world into an everywhere, everyday asylum, and we have been letting this happen.  It is time to take our world back.  I like the ‘take our country back’ slogan, too.  Of course, we need to rescue the United States first and foremost.  From there, should we choose, we can help others with sound, logical, consistent policy as well.

Here at  I write about the crazies, often referred to as the loons, and their ‘goings on.’  The word ‘loon’ is perfect because to me it is an abbreviation of the scientific term lunatic, defined as a life-challenged human who lives, breathes, and creates lunacy.

I truly do not mean to be disparaging of the bird by this name although I once read an article about a confused loon who spent 43 days sitting on rocks trying to hatch them.  As you can imagine, that didn’t work out so well.  No amount of sitting and ruffling feathers could warm life into those small brown rocks.

Common Loon Eggs - Twin Lakes_JPG

We need fellow missionaries working in this crazy, increasingly evil asylum to turn it around.  We have a lot of work to do in precious little time.  After all, there are many loons in this country trying to hatch something mistakenly perceived as positive from a pile of uninformed, lifeless little rocks.  As we are seeing, this too isn’t working out so well.  No amount of lunacy will help create sanity in either public discourse or policy.

To study and be informed is good. Here I share my studies and observations because it makes me feel useful to do so.   Perhaps you will find them of benefit to you.

Hello fellow patriotic missionary, if you are one.   Welcome to my chronicles of, by, and for our asylum and its loons.


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