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The Gays and the Left – Conflagration and Consternation


road crack after earthquake


I am not gay. I am not left. BUT I do know the left very well and many gays, and most haven’t yet figured out that they are lost, and lost not by their own doing.   It was not a right or a left they took in the road. It was the earthquake that split their road right down the middle, with them straddling the chasm.

Their problem is that the radical islamists (I refuse to capitalize) do not fit the left’s historic narrative, and when the left tries to address it with the narrative they know, there is a great deal of conflict and confusion.

The left has its rote responses. They have a rote response for each issue that is practically embedded in their DNA because they have proselytized it so darn much. They flounder in their belief that those responses still apply, but they do not. Their standard responses have been rendered archaic with the barbarism of the radical islamists. Islam and its ideologies, were the left honest with itself, are a complete anomaly for them to process.

The gay left are truly like a deer in the headlights. They do not know how to process what has been thrust upon them by our government’s lack of conscientious protection.  What has been thrust upon all of us is pain, and let me emphasize, the pain we have all experienced is in our safe places, our places of joy and anticipation and love and freedom and conviviality.  Our own government let the radicals touch, destroy, and devastate our country’s safe places.

We cannot blame the gays and the left for their confusion and their fear, but it is a darn pathetic position for any of us to be in. They now need to choose different sides, unknown and uncertain sides.  Some of the left are like whirling dervishes, and some are very definite, ever so firm, in their ‘whirling dervishness.’  They are definite in what they say, in what they present, in what they argue, but there is no logic.  Their rote response is now meaningless.  In truth, for both the sensitive left and the gay left, there is only conflagration, confusion and fear.

What we, as Americans, all want is safety and freedom. The government is offering us neither. There is only one way out of this mess and it is to become our own and each other’s protectors, to reject and expel the radical ideology that is antithetical to our own, and to get the establishment out, which includes Hillary and Abedin and Obama and Jarrett, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the infiltrated Homeland Security,   It means the left and the gay left need to ‘man up’ and have some balls. We all do. We have quite a battle in front of us.

Our victory is for us and for those who follow. Let there be no longer any equivocation.  The jihadies’ ideology, their way of being, is not consistent with the values we hold dear.  It must leave and find its home elsewhere, or it must be destroyed.  We have conquered other formidable enemies when it was the right and just path.  It is the right and just path again.

Rote responses have long lost their relevance.


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