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Girlfriends at the Crossroad


She sees Wonder Woman.  You see a crook.  She sees a buffoon.  You see an achiever.


She won’t talk politics.  You want to talk politics.  She attempts to preempt you with, “we won’t talk politics tonight.”


She didn’t vote because she couldn’t, ostensibly, support either candidate.  You anxiously awaited election day and were the first in line to vote.


She doesn’t follow current events, but she trumpets her opinion anyway.


While you are reading Breibart and the Drudge Report every night, she is watching reruns of Steinfeld and scanning back issues of Bon Appetit, or worse yet, watching CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, and Anderson Cooper.


She believes that the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Clinton Foundation did great works, that Trump colluded with the Russians, and that he has small hands.

You believe none of the above.


There is a shadow box hanging in her kitchen next to a photo of one of her stellar homemade apple pies. In the shadow box is the knitted pink pussy hat her teenage son wore to the Women’s March along with an over sized button that says “I’m With Her.”


On her kitchen wall is a framed poster, the artwork of her five year old daughter.  On the poster are blue and yellow watercolor imprints of her daughter’s teeny, tiny hands.  The nearly illegible caption  says, “OH THOSE HANDS!”

There are stickers surrounding these tiny hands that say either #neverTrump or Love trumps Hate.

Need I say, you didn’t attend the Women’s March?


She claims she supports women’s rights, but will not speak critically of a country that oppresses women.  After all, they willingly gave millions to the Corrupt, oops I mean, Clinton Foundation.

You decry the oppression of women regardless, and believe ‘donations’ to the Corrupt Foundation were largely bribe money.


Her son is gay.  She will not speak ill of any country that is willing to give millions to the Corrupt Foundation, even if they would throw her son off of a tall building.  She believes people like you make that stuff up anyway.


She believes in multi-culturalism, and as part of her tolerant superiority, does not decry FGM, stonings, and pedophilia.

You believe multi-culturalism is a euphemism for mono-cultures flourishing in places like no-go zones and Hamtramck, U. S.A.  You believe creeping sharia is a real and dangerous threat.  You deplore the attempt at normalizing child marriages, pedophilia, the subjugation of women, and the ‘supremacy’ of the Islamic male.

Does any of this, or more, ring true for you?  If so, your friendship passed the crossroad a long time ago, and you might not even know if yet.  You are going one way, the right way, and she has taken the other path.  I am sorry to say this but, for most of us who are just now approaching the crossroad, it is time to say adios.



“HARSH,”  my critics say.  Okay.  It is harsh, but a lot is at stake here.

In the words of Andrew Brietbart,  There are two paths. One is America and the other one is occupy… And when I walk through CPAC or when I travel the United States to meet people in the Tea Party who care, black, white, gay and straight. Anyone who is willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate – more than ‘Shame on you’ You’re on the other side.

Here is the gist of it, the crux of the matter, our zeitgeist if you will, —-when you reflect on this friend, you must realize she is on the other side.  She is on the side that brought us

  • trannies in the military
  • a presidential candidate who compromised the country’s  security from the comfort of her own home —  in the name of  ‘convenience’
  • a treasonous Iran deal that will lead to a more dangerous world – secretly paid for in hard cash otherwise known for the more common criminal as money laundering
  •  fast and furious that armed unwelcome drug deals and drug dealers in a pathetic and dangerous attempt to manipulate for gun control
  • a health care bill designed to re-distribute wealth and lower the median net worth of hard working citizens and businesses alike not to mention that it removes our choice of coverage, providers and the price we want to pay
  • a Benghazi cover-up with no, ABSOLUTELY NO, regard for life – even the life of Wonder Woman’s friend,  Ambassador Chris Stevens.  (We see how she treats her friends, right?)
  • unchecked immigration in the name of compassion….and of course the new world order.  Compassion for whom?  Those with newly contracted TB?  Those who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants?  The five year old raped by three tween Somali immigrants  – a rape that wasn’t really covered by the main stream media?  What about those who have lost their lives, such as Border Patrol’s Brian Terry?
  • What about the anti-fascist fascists who are thwarting free speech and terrorizing streets?
  • What about the assault on gun ownership despite the havoc it causes on our cities’  streets, the despicable  attack on our Constitution, and the intentional utter emasculation of a civilization?

I am just getting started.

Your friend –  YEP.  There is no doubt.   Your friend is not in the bunker.  Shame on her.  She is on the other side.   I am sorry but our sentimental yearning for the old days, absent her epiphany,  will not magically bring those days back.  They are gone.

You should not place any confidence in the friendship.  You know why, don’t you?  Your friend cannot be trusted to help get our country out of the bog, the swamp, the Obama/Clinton sludge that threatens the very fabric of who we are.  Quite the contrary.

Sure there are those well-meaning friends, you know the ones, who believe they will value your friendship regardless, but if they are liberal, their condescension alone is enough to strangle to death an adult Rottweiler, nothing else is needed, no gun, no knife, no truck, no touching, just their condescension and poof.  The dog is dead.   It is very Uri Geller like.

And she will talk about you and how she just can’t believe you actually like a racist and a misogynist.

Or she will look you in the eyes and say something like “Surely you don’t believe all Muslims believe in sharia?”  At which point you might actually shout – “YOU can’t vote!  You are dangerous!”

Or ….to get your religious goat, she might say, “You know, Jesus could not have been Republican.”  At which point you ask, “Did Jesus own slaves, too?”

(As an aside, we know  that Jesus came to save the sinners.  The Bible tells us that tax collectors were in the same class as the Pharisees, that being Sinners with a capital “S”.    Tax collectors, who clearly are democrats today, were part of Jesus’ original target market!  After all these centuries, they still haven’t learned?!  Remember that and pray for them.)

So…do you really still want to be friends with her?   It is a fight for our values.  I am sorry but she doesn’t hold them.  It is different this time.  It isn’t like you love chocolate and she climaxes on butter pecan.   If you don’t share the same values this time around, it is definitely time to move on.  The consequences of our losing this battle are far to dire.   Put your big girl panties on, hold your head up high, and take the fight on.    We have a lot of work to do.

Now get yourself to the bunker.  We are waiting for you.




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