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Oh Little Children – Do Not Do as You have been Taught

 We have been clearly warned and clearly threatened, and those who wish the truth can clearly see.
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Remember Anne Frank?  How many can you hide in your attic? 
Do you think these children will grow up to be normal American citizens when they arrive en mass? Will your children in our schools learn some unusual things from their ‘non-assimilation?’ Believe me, these immigrant children won’t be going to the private schools Chelsea Clinton’s children will attend.
There are people and places who can certainly try to help these children. However, our public schools can not.  We have no functioning single facility that can help.   We would need hundreds of such facilities for the level of infiltration the democrats are planning.   And there is a likelihood that the family and cultural influences will only sabotage any of our humanitarian efforts.
We know what Hillary’s open borders will do to us as a country. Please don’t let her take the guns away, too.  Gays, transgenders, lesbians, Christians, Jews, young women and possible child brides,  the most vulnerable  among us, will have no means of protecting themselves.
 Remember Anne Frank?  How many can you hide in your attic?
 By the way, the important link below does not represent an unusual or isolated situation.  Children are often made to watch horrific events – stonings of women, beheadings of infidels, and as the link below will show you – even more.
If you haven’t seen the video below, it is well worth watching and sharing.  A woman raised as a Muslim summarizes what you need to understand.
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