Spy Gear of the Illegally Rich and Infamous

Perhaps you read Notaloon’s previous post, published yesterday, on the technology used to spy on everyone everywhere.  If you did, this post is Notaloon’s sister piece, and it covers the preferred spy equipment for each of the very important people mentioned below.  Have at it and consider yourself forewarned.

Get yourself some of those special spy glasses so you can see who is walking or driving behind you.   Those glasses might have saved Seth Rich, and many others.

DNC Ex- Chair

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s spy gear of preference (in addition to a few excessively paid Pakistani IT guys)  is the mini voice changer amplifier in blue.  Blue is her color.  She is a party-girl, all the way.

Despite this spy gear, however, she blew her own cover.  Although she used a voice changer to disguise her voice, she initiated the call from her own phone not cloaking  the number.  Does any spyware come with its own intelligence?  She would be a shoe-in to be a buyer.




John Podesta actually has three favorite pieces of devious spyware.  He loves the Spy Party Box and prefers to accompany it with the 6 piece costume set – child size.  He usually serves pizza and hot dogs at each party and keeps a spy cam ready for those party activities he wants to remember vividly.  The images captured by the spy cam are posted in chronological order on white boards at future parties.

Note:  you must show your original and signed invitation in order to be admitted to any of his parties.  No invisible ink is allowed.



Although Hillary Clinton does not prefer this particular piece of spyware, she absolutely cannot live without it.  Hillary has at least one of these in each home, each office and each car just in case she has to insert it quickly somewhere.

Did you guess it? It is the round Catch a Cheater device, the waterproof version as she doesn’t want any mishaps if an island or yacht is involved.

Below you can see the features that come with Hillary’s selection.   Uma carries this model as well but forgets to place it strategically so she must rely solely on Anthony’s twitter feeds.

(This and other models can be found at links below.)



This man is not only conniving  but also a  dangerous plain-Jane kind of infamous thug.  There is nothing fancy about his equipment.  Barack is never without his Spy Gear Listener.  He and his tribe can hear conversations up to 30 feet away just like James Bond!   He had Susan Rice buy in bulk so that all those in his Deep State can keep tabs on Trump and his tribe, leak state secrets and ultimately blackmail them.  There are currently only 20 left in stock.

Our Boy Vlad


Putin’s most beloved and most used spyware are the quick reload darts – perfect for silencing any opponent and most journalists.   Quick and easy to hide, these darts are expertly crafted to conveniently take out a diversity of targets– people of any ethnicity, religion, color, sex (or none),  girth,  intelligence (or none), and any political persuasion  with minimal evidence left behind.

Get yours at the link below.


Hillary and Uma

Together these two like to sport the Ultra Range Walkie Talkies. These are perfect for clandestine conversations while still allowing Uma and Hillary to maintain a very deceptive distance.  With an earpiece, they also are great for Uma to help Hillary with her lines.  Both gals have been overheard saying these are “INDISPENSABLE.”


We are very happy that Comey writes himself little memoirs of conversations.  However, if Comey were as aware of his compromised situation as he is of HIMself, he might want to purchase one important piece of spyware, that being invisible ink. Those notes are gonna get him in trouble.  He is leaking them around town as if they are his, but they are not.  They are the property of the United States of America.

Here he is – captured candidly with his best buds, Mueller and Obama!



This man is Beelzebub.

Despite a plethora of spyware devices on the market, there appears to be nothing that could cloak Eric Holder and hide his excesses of illegality and corruption.  He has an incriminating list of accomplishments longer than a jail bird for lifer.  Even OJ can’t compete.

The article linked here goes on and on.  I bet you didn’t know half of it.



The gangs all here.


You take a look at the professional spyware available, and tell me if any equipment could have helped this son of a gun, son of a fast and furious gun, disguise his wrongdoings.   There is a comment section for your thoughts on this below.


i do not report for the people! i report for CNN.


CNN’s most used spy device is the Spy Gear Sonic Distractor.  It is  the only spyware CNN feels they need.  This baby is worth every penny.   It enables CNN to create a abundance of different sounding noises,  in order to avoid covering the real news of the day.  It is a modern day technological wonder for tricking the populace into thinking CNN is a news organization.

Among its features are the following:

  • Distracts opponents using a sonic wave diversion! The Sonic Distractors emit noise to divert enemy attention!
  • It has numerous unique sounds to distract CNN’s enemies!
  • Sonic Distractors have a built-in time-released delay before they sound so  CNN can plan ahead.

    CNN buys these in bulk


Spyware is one area where the democrats have done a fabulous job at creating U.S. employment simply via demand, unless of course they are buying on-line under pseudonyms from outside the country.  That sounds more like them, doesn’t it?

As a side note, where were Assange and Michael Cernovich when Notaloon broke this story?

Footnote:  All above spyware, including Podesta’s faves, the spy party box and six piece costume kit -child size, can be found with the links below.  Give as a gift to a needy spy in your life.   But buy responsibly.  Do not arm the resistance.

These products are made available to mere plebeians by the New World Order.  Be discreet in ownership as the NWO is contemplating confiscation for all but the political elite and those who pay them off.  You are again forewarned.

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Spy Gear – Ultra Range Walkie Talkie

Invisible Ink Pen, Spy Pen with Built in Uv Light Magic Marker for Drawing Secret Message Writing Currency Checking Kids Spy Game Party (Package Quantity – AS Picture Shows) (24pcs)

Spy Gear – Sonic Distractors