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Free Speech, Hate Speech and the Power Grabbers



Notaloon is generally calm, swimming, relaxing, and playing with her little loons,  but she is having a meltdown here right now. She is reading the European Commission on Racism and Intolerance (their effen FIFTH …Notaloon reiterates FIFTH) monitoring report of the plebeians in Europe.

The esteemed Commission doesn’t want the media to tell the plebeians when terrorism is perpetrated by a Muslim lone wolf or a pack of Muslim extremists because THAT would incite hate speech about our kindred spirits of the Muslim variety.  It might indeed be factual, but we don’t want facts to stand in the way of the much preferred Stepford behavior of us, the mighty plebeians.

Plebeians, lest you become distraught, you do indeed have choices. You can be drugged.  You can be interned in a FEMA camp.  You can be decapitated.   Or you can ignore, intellectually flat out deny, the facts.

I daresay plebeians must ignore the truth and just say a crime happened with absolutely no elaboration.  Screw the people who need to be alerted to protect themselves from similar attacks.  The truth must be denied. In the exact words of Dinesh, Alinsky, and Hillary, “Deny. Deny. Deny.”

The world of Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood has so twisted our existence that Notaloon and I need another bottle of wine. Actually two.

The European Commission on Racism and Intolerance does not monitor themselves. They monitor plebeians like you, me and Notaloon.  AND they love when a third party turns one of us in.  That enormously helps with their statistics and ultimately, their effen SIXTH monitoring report.

Guess what? The funding of the Commission is not disclosed on its website.  We have no way of knowing who is paying for this devious endeavor to control both perception and behavior.  SO…it is private dollars (Soros?) and/or the poor tax paying suckers in the European Union who are paying for themselves to be monitored for criminal hate speech. They have no way of knowing their hard earned tax dollars are actually being used for poop catching kitty litter, hence the term ‘poor tax paying suckers.’  (HOORAH FOR BREXIT.)

And for all the Christians in the world, of which Notaloon is one, there is nothing in the Commission’s FIFTH report that has yet been found, that protects YOU, believer in Christ,  from hate speech. SO, you effen Christians. The Europeans can call you blood drinkers.  They can call you body eaters.  They can intentionally misreport why your head was chopped off, maybe even do the chopping,   and not even go to jail, let alone even be mentioned in the effen SIXTH monitoring report.


Notaloon believes you will do scarcely little.  In some respects you are more like the Quakers than the Quakers.   Quakers force themselves to do nothing in a quest for peace and for finding the God within all.  You, Christian, simply acquiesce.   Where is your regard for your offspring?  Is your problem that you have lived in the United States comfortably for so long you have no comprehension your freedom and way of life is endangered?  I can assure you, you are not alone in this belief.

Hey peeps. Here is the report. I am not making it up. It is creepy as hell.  I must go now.  Notaloon needs me to pour another glass of wine.





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